Job title: SAP Programme/ Project Manager
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: IT
Salary type: Annual
Salary: GBP £95,000.00
Location: Hybrid working (North West)
Job published: 09 May 2022
Job ID: 32224
Contact name: John Hawker
Phone number: +447956654297
Contact email:

Job Description

It’s a fantastic time to be working in SAP.


The software giant’s business model lends itself to organisations having to continually invest in their solution and with the end of ECC support on the horizon (albeit a horizon that has shifted somewhat over recent years) companies are spending A LOT of money on future proofing their ERP investment.


One look at LinkedIn will show you that all the big consultancies in this space are crying out for the right people to join them and no doubt help them deliver on the promises they’ve made to a client base hungry for their services.


Even for those that have had an incredibly successful career supporting clients in their efforts to go live with this market leading solution know that SAP, isn’t for everyone.


There it is. There are businesses out there that just shouldn’t run SAP. For them, it’s not fit for purpose and more than likely never will be yet we see countless companies storm on with implementations trying to smash this incredibly expensive square peg into an ever decreasing round hole with a supportive slap on the back from an over eager SI.


Wouldn’t it be refreshing if there was an SAP consultancy out there that put their client’s best interests at heart?


An SAP consultancy where if they knew SAP wasn’t the answer to their clients problems, they would actually tell them exactly that.


There are a few. A smurf sized handful. I’m working with one and they’ve built a huge market share of some of the biggest ERP programmes in the UK due to an appreciation for how they do things differently (in a good way).  


If you’ve been working with a bigger SI or implementation partner and are open to learning about a business that want to tip the often archaic way of implementing SAP on it’s head then we should talk.


You’ll have questions and I’ve got a long list of very good reasons why this particular client are well worth learning more about.


Salaries on offer do depend on experience but sit between £75,000 and £95,000 with bonuses of 10-20%. 


Hit the link in this advert to apply or contact me directly to set up a call and get more information.