Job title: SAP Trainer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary: negotiable
Location: Hybrid working (Remote and client site visits)
Job published: 10 May 2022
Job ID: 32231
Contact name: John Hawker
Phone number: +447956654297
Contact email:

Job Description

Before the pandemic my adverts were dull, dreary and lifeless. That was before a few friends told me about “fun”.


Now my adverts are marginally better than they were before and I haven’t looked back.


Just a quick sprinkling of “fun” every couple of sentences means I’m now seeing people actually apply to my roles I’m advertising as well as sending messages like “your advert was fun” and “we’re trying to contact you about an outstanding debt” (I ignored that one)


Try using “fun” the next time you write, well, pretty much anything and change your writing for the better…forever. (Not a paid advert for “fun”. Views on “fun” are my own)


Look, it’s been a long week. Thanks for sticking with me so far.


I’m looking for an SAP Trainer. Yup. And not just any SAP Trainer. One that’s considering a Permanent or Fixed Term Contract role. That’s not it. I also need one that’s got SuccessFactors training experience.


So, if that’s you, why should you apply.


First off, if you’re passionate about technology and training and looking for a chance to join an experienced team in a business that invests in the professional development of its people then this is going to be right up your street.


Number 2; If you enjoy the feeling of satisfaction you get from working on projects but aren’t necessarily up for the game of musical chairs you have to play each time a contract ends then why not consider working for a consultancy? My client is a consultancy FYI.


And C- If there’s one thing I can guarantee is that working for this company is going to be fun*

*Not a guarantee.


So, if you’re an SAP Trainer with SuccessFactors experience and you’ve read this through to the end and actually want a semi serious conversation about this role then, why not hit the link in this advert.


I mean, you’ve made it this far. In for a penny and all that.


Please note that Global Tech Collective is committed to providing the best candidate experience and that every applicant will receive a response.